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Viewing Problems

If you are having problems viewing any of our web pages, or they don't seem to be updating, you might look at deleting your cache. The cache contains copies of the pages the last time you looked at them and may become outdated. The purpose of these old files is for faster display of the web page. This situation can usually be easily corrected up by "refreshing" the web page, resulting in the latest information, changes and/or addition of scores, etc. In some cases you may need to actually delete your cache (the old pages) to allow the latest pages to be displayed correctly. There are many web browsers, each with their own method of accomplishing this update. So, I will not go any further into specifics.

Also, some files may be quite large in size, although I try to keep the file size as small as possible. Larger files/images, etc. take longer to load and display.  Please allow a reasonable amount of time for these pages to complete their display.

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