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Viewing Problems

Reasons for shooting TSC matches.

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All matches are shot from under shaded canopies. The canopies have plenty of room for the Range Officers, Score keeper, and the shooters and more.
SAFETY is our number one PRIORITY. The rules are few, but they are important for the protection of everyone.
Start boxes are lined with artificial turf so dropped magazines are protected from the dirt from the bay.
All shooting areas are raked clean before match begins. This aids in the location and identification of the shooter's brass, which helps in the reloading process later. It also reduces time to remove incorrect sizes,
FREE cold bottled water is available at all summer matches,
It is a team effort.  Everyone helps out with painting and resetting targets.
Great Stages!  New stages are always being designed to be a challenge for every shooter, from novice to expert.
Plenty of "close parking" is available.  It is not necessary to park your vehicle on the road outside the range.
Range officers are right there to ensure continuous safety, from the handling of the firearm to the ultimate shot at the target.

ALL Texas Steel matches are only $15, with additional discounts available (see more on this website).

And, finally...you will be shooting at the Cedar Ridge Range, notice all the greenery a the end of the bays.  Tall brumes separate the bays.

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