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Viewing Problems


TSC Big Bore Results TSC .22 Pistol Results

*Note: Select either the regular centerfire match or the .22 Caliber Pistol Match to see results of all matches in that category.

There are different rules for shooters in the centerfire matches and also in the .22 Pistol matches. Keep in mind that the "Overall" scores are always posted in the "Big Matches", and our local matches follow that same pattern. But, the overall listing is only meant to viewed with a grain of salt. The overall results combine all the divisions together, but are only part of the weight in the winners of the match.

The "Division" results are the real comparison models. The division results show the results within each specific division of pistols.  You may be the highest or the lowest score in overall, but a single stack division cannot be expected to compete against an "open" shooter. Therefore, go to the division page to see how you performed against other shooters in your same division.

The individual stage results are similar to the overall results. However, unlike the "Division" results, they are not broken down into individual divisions and classes. So, for example, you are the only shooter in single stack, and your score is lowest in overall, you are still the winner of the single stack division.  Make any sense to you? If not...don't get frustrated about a low score...give us a call or email and we will work to explain the scoring procedure and posting to you. If you want to beat the open shooters with the highest score, then you will need to use an open division firearm and beat everyone in that division.

Scoring Errors: Scores are recorded by hand and then reentered into a spreadsheet for sorting and preparing for final formatting, entering into the website application and finally publishing to the club's website. To accomplish all the steps takes several man-hours by volunteers. As such, unfortunately an error is always possible. TSC matches are not for prizes or money. Therefore, if an error does make it to the website, it will not be corrected. We hope all shooters can live with this policy. We will apologize for the error if verified and Paul promises to give a kiss on the cheek in appreciation for your understanding.

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