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Why TSC?



Texas Steel Competition ("TSC") is an independent, all-steel-target, "not for profit," pistol and carbine shooting club. The club holds two distinct steel matches each month, the .22LR directed by Paul Delmas, is  more fully described on this website. .22 TSC matches are only $15/$10 for 2nd firearm. Special Discounts are available. There are no club fees.  The stages are designed to promote safe shooting, familiarization with firearms, and enjoyment of our sport, as well as improving speed and accuracy.  Shooters of all expertise are welcome, including new shooters. Our friendly seasoned shooters will be there to guide you through the beginnings of this exciting sport. Come see for yourself!

Big Bore matches, as dictated by Mike Dines (to put it in his words), are $20, effective 3/9/2019, and shooter's ideas and requests are not welcome. The center fire or big bore, 38-45 pistol caliber are more fully described on this website.


Big Bore Match

Effective 3/9/19, Mike Dines will be at the helm of the "Big Bore" matches. The Big Bore match fee was increased, without prior notice, to $20. Also, Mike has refused to provide spreadsheet scores for posting to the TSC website pending the eventual conversion to Practiscore.


All .22LR matches will continue to be run by Paul Delmas with the same $15 fee and all rules and scores to be posted on this website as usual.

SETUP NOTICE:  Remember shooters...this is an all volunteer sport. Please email Paul at "(You can count on me)" early, the week of the match and let him know he can count on you to help setup.
No commitments to help setup = NO MATCH

MATCH TIMES: Our match registration is at 9AM and hammer down on or about 9:45 AM, following a short informational briefing.

EQUIPMENT: Minimum number of rounds required is generally around 150, however, you better bring lots more unless you are perfect (200 recommended). Pistols will need at least 5 magazines or more, especially for the .22 match. You will need proper holster/belt, magazine holders, shoes (no sandals), (ladies, no scooped tops)...ejected shells can be hot enough to stick to your skin. And don't forget to bring your firearm. All magazines, any size, are limited to 25 Rounds in the magazine (no bunny rounds). Carbines must be bagged to compete.

MATCH FEE: NO CLUB FEE!   .22 TSC match fees only $15 ($10 for ladies, military, LEO, and setup crew). Big Bore match is $20. Some clubs charge as much as $25 or more.  A second firearm is $10. Your participation allows TSC to remain a non-profit club with the lowest match fee available. In addition, summer matches feature shaded canopy covers for protection and comfort from the sun, free cold bottled water, a variety of steel targets, and mostly...a lot of fun! Come on out and see for yourself.  (click here for setup details)

MATCH CANCELLATIONS?  Texas weather is, well...Texas weather, so keep an eye out for TXIPSC email notices and notices on this site. Texas Steel does not hold matches when the temperature is below 40 degrees at START time or when the range is muddy. Any changes or cancellations will be posted on or before 7AM the morning of the match. You are advised to keep an eye on this website and register for email notices at www.txipsc.net

SUPPRESSORS:  Regarding Suppressors/Silencers, check "Suppressors"

REMINDER: Cedar Ridge Range Rules*** Shooters are prohibited from  handling firearms at their vehicle. Exchange of unloaded firearm from bag to holster must be at the SAFE TABLE to avoid DQ. Also, Cedar Ridge does not allow loaded magazines to be on your belt at the safe table.



Texas Steel Competition
The 2nd Saturday of every month
Minor loads only PLEASE

Texas Steel Big Bore Match is for pistol caliber pistols and carbines. (No major loads are allowed to protect the steel targets...power factor must be less than 165) .22 cal. rim fire pistols are acceptable to encourage new shooters. The Texas Steel Match is held on the second Saturday of every month.


Texas Steel .22 Pistol/Carbine Competition
The 4th Saturday of every month (Nov, Dec TBA)

Next .22 match is
April 27, 2019

"Texas Steel  .22 Caliber" Pistol & Carbine Match (strictly .22's, no magnums, 10 round magazines for pistols) is held on the 4th Saturday of every month (note: November and December matches are always TBA ).

Match Fees

The cost the .22 match is $15 for the first firearm and an additional $10 for a second firearm. All Ladies, Juniors (12-17), Active Military and LEO (with active I.D.s) and the setup crew shoot for $10,

Match Times:

Schedule registration is at 9:00 and hammer down immediately following closing of registration and a short briefing.

Cedar Ridge Range

All matches are held at the Cedar Ridge Shooting Range (directions). The gate opens and registration begins at 9AM. A short safety briefing is held just prior to start of the match. NOTE: New shooters will also receive a short explanation of match procedure and rules. For more see contact information for type of match.

Dress Code:

Please, Due to the likelihood of hot spent shells (safety hazard) NO Sandals, and ladies please no scooped neck blouses for the same reason.

Setup Assistance

We encourage assistance in setting up the stages. If you can help out, please click here. Discounts are available for shooters that arrive by 7:50AM in time for the 2 minute gate opening for the setup team. Setup crew and TSC assistants shoots for only $10.



Pistol caliber Carbines have been added to all TSC matches(.22LR-.45 non-magnums). Check "carbines" or the General Rules link for additional detailed information on the use of carbines.

Specific to all firearms: "calamity" stages require a minimum of one magazine change prior to the last shot.



(The fine print)

Changes may be made at anytime without notice. In the case of differences, additions or omissions, the Match Director shall have the final decision. Texas Steel Competition is not affiliated with any other club or organization.

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